Why Businesses Should Do Frequent Penetration Tests?

Penetration Tests

Businesses often rely on companies that provide ethical hacking services to help them with security gaps in their organization. These tests help you evaluate your current security state and uncover all the areas that require improvement. Businesses that are thriving are at constant risk of getting their security breached and encountering huge setbacks.

For this reason, ethical hacking is brought to use for deep analysis of your current security systems. These tests go through every department of your online business and find vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit. Knowing your business is secured from potential threats can help you gain trust and encourage more clients to do business with you.

In this in-depth article, we will talk about why businesses should do frequent penetration tests.

How Penetration Tests Help Businesses?

It has various positive impacts on organizations that hold a lot of confidential data that shouldn’t be exploited. Hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities; little weak points can be used to penetrate your whole security system and put all your confidential data at risk. Penetration tests can help you close all the gaps in your security system.

Here is why companies rely on penetration tests.

1.      Identify Vulnerabilities

Every business has different vulnerabilities that can be exploited at any time when cybercriminals target them. Penetration test goes through all your business network infrastructure to find weak points that require immediate attention. Tests can include your web applications, your website, network infrastructure, etc.

As businesses scale, they also increase their chances of being breached. New vulnerabilities may arise as you expand your services, and cybercriminals are always looking with keen eyes to identify these weak points. Therefore, frequent penetration tests as your business thrives are equally important as any other aspect.

2.      Strengthen Your Security

Businesses don’t really focus on strengthening their security, which causes them a significant amount of damage and affects their revenue growth negatively. If your system was already breached, these tests can also be used to breach the security in the same way. This enables you to identify the right security measures you need to implement in your security system.

Developers and other web engineers make countless mistakes that leave system security weakened. Misconfigurations are the key points that cybercriminals can take advantage of, which increases the need for Penetration testing companies in UAE where experts provide you with in-depth analysis of your security system. When you know which areas need improvement, you can then fill the security gaps efficiently.

3.      Ensure Compliance

Companies need to adhere to rules and regulations as imposed by their government. However, sometimes, there are unnoticed violations of these rules within the company, which can lead to financial fines and cause huge setbacks. Furthermore, violating any government policy can result in penalties and jail time or might get your business closed.

To ensure you’re following these policies and your organization is running according to the laws, you should run penetration tests. With the help of these tests, you will identify anything that goes against the laws and help you become more compliant. This will also let your employees gain significant knowledge about compliance policies and positively affect your organization’s reputation.

4.      Educate Employees

An analysis report that you get through penetration tests can help you find mistakes made by your employees. Using analysis reports, you can educate your employees on how cybercriminals use these mistakes to breach security systems. Giving your employees the knowledge about potential threats can help you minimize most of your cyber threats.

To effectively educate your employees, you can discuss past incidents that happened with organizations, such as Yahoo 2017 Attack and eBay 2014. This will let your employees know the damage potential and enable them to approach their assigned tasks with concentration and care. Large organizations have more cyberattack risks than smaller businesses; therefore, as you scale, always educate your new employees.

5.      Maintain Reputation

When your system gets breached, all your sensitive data gets stolen and can be sold on the dark web. Where all your competitors can access it and use it against you. This affects your company’s reputation badly, and your current customers feel less secure about doing business with you.

Frequently going through these tests allows you to maintain a positive reputation in the market. This enables your customers and clients to build a strong bond with your organization and contribute to your business growth. Companies seek help from professional analysts from Penetration testing companies in UAE that help you uncover all the gaps and maintain a strict security system.

How Can You Run These Tests for Your Organization?

Get help from industry experts to analyze all the vulnerabilities in your business. Ensuring in-depth analysis and reports that will help you implement the right security measures your company needs. Fill the gaps before they get exploited, get a quote now, and take your business out of risk.

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