Hamraaz Army App Download Latest Version 7.1, Check Pay & Services Information

Hamraaz Army App Download Latest Version 7.1, Check Pay & Services Information

Download Hamraaz Army App 7.1, Hamraaz App 7.1 Latest Version The Indian Government has created the New Hamraaz app for the army. It is an ANDROID-based mobile application for all of our devoted soldiers in the Indian Army (Adjutant General’s Branch (MP-8) to communicate of their duty and pay related information to them on their Smartphones.

Hamraaz App 7.1 Download Latest Version

Hamraaz Army App Download Latest Version 7.1, Check Pay & Services Information

Download the most recent version of the Hamraaz army app, version 7.1; We rely on the Indian Army to protect our country, so it is our duty to assist them with any technical issues they may be having with the hamraaz app. Scroll down to learn more about this intriguing software.

For army software, we have included all of the operational links for the Hamraaz Army app. You can check the download links provided below.

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Details of the Hamraaz Army App 2022:

Current Version :                 7.1

Updated :                              28-FEB-2022 12:15:58

Installs :                                  43671694

Offered By :                          Indian Army

Requires Android :              Android 5.0 Or Above

What can you do with the Hamraaz Army app?

The Indian government created the Android-based smartphone app called Hamraaz. As already indicated, its main function is to make it easier for military personnel to get information concerning pay and other government services. With it, individuals may easily retrieve their payslip on their phones. A PDF of the payslip is available. Users must, however, supply their payslip passwords in order to do this. The user’s PAN card’s four numbers, together with the month and day of their birth, are typically the password.

The app gives users the option to download the PDF to their device’s storage in addition to providing access to a copy of the payslip. The PAN card’s four numbers and the soldier’s enrolment date’s final four digits must be entered as a second password, though. The passwords for your payslip, unlike those for other password-protected services, must always be uppercase. If not, the app won’t accept it.

How can users get started with the Hamraaz Army app?

Hamraaz App

The app is simple to download because it uses the same procedure as other Android apps. The only thing users have to do to install it on their device is click the Download button. To use it, you must have Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher. You can then continue with the signup process. It needs your Aadhaar card number, which the system will need to check against the Army database via the cloud of the National Information Centre.

A one-time password (OTP) will then be sent to the registered mobile number you provided as part of the verification process. This means that your most recent cellphone number must be connected to your Aadhaar card number. You can’t use the Hamraaz app’s services if you don’t do this. You will then need to complete the application by providing further credentials. You are now ready to go forward. But keep in mind that the software occasionally has slowness and bugs.

How to Download Payslip on Hamraaz App:

Enter the unique password if you want to download your pay stub through the app. Enter the unique password after selecting the pay slip option. The first four numbers of this eight-digit password must be capital letters. The first four digits of the PAN card plus the final four digits of the enrollment date make up this password. Your password would be ABC12305 if the registration date is May 20 and the first four numbers of your pan card are ABC1.

  • First, there is Log in to the Hamraaz app, then click the download button in the top right corner.
  • Simply click the pay slip.
  • You must now enter your password (first four letters of your PAN card and first four letters of your date of enrolment).

How to setup a password for the Hamraaz Army app payslip:

How do I get my payslip in the Hamraaz app? Are you having trouble establishing a password? Don’t worry, we can help. Make sure your password contains at least one capital letter, such as A, B, or C, one minuscule letter, one digit, such as 1, 2, or 3, and a special character, such as *, #, or $. Therefore, Raj143# will be your password.

Now After creating the password for the Hamraaz app payslip, write it down in your diary and keep it private.

Customer service contact information for the Hamraaz Army App:

If you want to know how to download Hamraaz Army App, or if Hamraaz App isn’t working, or if you want to sign up for Armaan App, or if you want to know what Hamraaz Army App is for Indian Army defence, then read on. Contacting the Hamraaz App Helpline is as simple as dialling 9560641424. If they can’t be reached, email them at hmraazmp8(at)gmail(dot)com (the official app support number).

This Completes Our Discussion of The Hamraaz App. If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Us at Kaise Download Kare 7.1 2022.

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